Communication Services

Communication Services

Today, having adequate communication services is more important than ever. In a hyperconnected world, effective communication is key. To do this, we work with the target audience and different stakeholders, improving the impact of any campaign and promoting brand awareness.

When a company gains in visibility, its brand image is reinforced and a great number of customers know the services or products it provides.

Do you want to improve the visibility of your company?

Do effective marketing and advertising campaigns?

Business communication covers all areas of an organization, a communication agency with experience in the sector and the best talents, help us diagnose where strategies fail; or how we can improve those that are working, but not performing properly.

Types of business communication

Campaigns in different media help promote and empower a company, but they are not the only services that a communication agency can provide:

1. External Communication Services

These are all those campaigns that send a message to the different target audiences of the company, to create, maintain or improve your relationship with them. One of the main objectives is to increase a company’s sales, but it is also very important to promote brand awareness, as well as it’s image in the market, that is, to reinforce branding.

2. Internal Communication

We understand internal communication as that intended for people who work in the company, being how, when and what is said equally important. Proving communication with employees, as well as correctly transmitting the company’s values vision and objectives, has been shown to help strengthen ties, foster team spirit and improve productivity.

3. Crisis communication

If a Company faces a crisis, having a professional team behind can manage it in the way is essential. In delicate situations, what is said is more important than ever, therefore all communication strategies and actions carried out must be measured to the millimeter, in addition of previously defined in a protocol of action, establishing guidelines and those responsible for communicate according to the seriousness of the facts. In short, a correct action can turn a crisis into an opportunity to emerge stronger.

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Communication tools

The digital transformation we are experiencing today makes it essential for companies to have a 360 communication strategy, using both traditional channels and the digital environment.

These are the communication tools in which ACH, as a communication agency, is specialized:

  • Internal communication: We focus on knowing in depth the culture and objectives of each company, in order to prepare an internal communication plan with 100% ad hoc strategies and actions for each case.
  • Employer branding: We defined actions aimed at retaining and attracting the best talent for the company.
  • Estrategias de Relaciones Públicas: Construimos relaciones mutuamente ventajosas entre las empresas y sus respectivos públicos, desde la relación con los medios al marketing de influencia.
  • Branded Content: We generate content aimed to improving the image of the brand, seeking to transmit the values of the company through a storytelling that excites, that generates an impact on consumers.
  • Inbound Marketing and SEO: It is not only about achieving a good web positioning, but also adding value to potential customers, improving the image of the brand and promoting memory.
  • Paid Media: In a comprehensive communication strategy, we keep payment channels, reaching consumers with the right message, at the right time.
  • Social Media Management: Social media has become an essential channel to have a more personal conversation with our clients and customers. They allow us to listen to them and learn what they really need and how we can add value.

Advantages of Communication Services

Thanks to having a communication strategy of value for the client, companies can achieve numerous objectives within their business plan: greater brand awareness, impact more consumers with their advertising messages, increase sales, etc.

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