About us

About us

ACH is much more than a global communications consultancy. With over 35 years’ experience in the communications and public relations industry, we have become a leading agency in the sector. An established company complemented by a young, multidisciplinary team made up of digital natives, at the forefront of latest formats and tools.


Javier de Mendizábal

Managing Director

I enrolled to begin Business Studies. My father said: “that’s to do with salespeople isn’t it? Study Law, something respectable”. He wanted me to sit for an official exam to become a Notary. Fortunately I managed to sell him the idea that it was best that I did an MBA degree and that’s where my passion for marketing, communications and sales began. And until now, working with hundreds of brands, companies and, above all, people. In the meanwhile, great friends, tennis, paddle tennis, golf and a marvellous family.

Eva Ortiz

Accounts director

A professional storyteller, whose main characters are the companies and their teams, from diverse sectors including fashion, beauty, insurance, technology or hospitality. She has spent 20 years keeping her curiosity alive to keep learning every day. Mediterranean through and through, she is a keen reader, a tireless traveller, with a passion for discovering the footprints of the past, an established cinephile and a keen theatre-goer and music enthusiast. Her problem? There are only 24 hours in a day.

Elena Gallego

Accounts director

With a degree in Law, a twist of fate led her down the road of Communications fifteen years ago. Learning languages is one of her favourite hobbies and, apart from English and French, she also speaks Mandarin Chinese, so you will often hear her call out a  Ni Hao  when she meets a Chinese native.

Carlota Marco

Digital Area Director

A Publicist specialising in Digital media since the beginning of the blogosphere. Addicted to social media, chocolate and a connectivity fan, during her spare time, she is never still: she is permanently attached to a suitcase, a hardened traveller, athlete, a lover of decoration, furniture restoration and good wine shared with friends.



We form part of SEC Newgate S.p.A, a communications group, resulting from the merger of SEC, majority shareholder of ACH- and Newgate. The new firm is listed on the London Stock Exchange and it is listed among the Top 30 communications groups in the world.

Fiorenzo Tagliabue

Chairman of  SECNewgate and ACH

Fiorenzo Tagliabue founded the SECNewgate group in 1989 and he assumes an active role in overseeing the daily management as the group’s CEO. Fiorenzo has played a key role in its progress, transforming the SECNewgate group into the largest Italian public relations firm in terms of international growth and expansion.

Maurizio Maione

Board Member of ACH

Maurizio joined SECNewgate in 2009, as director of the Rome office. In 2014 he was named support manager in the group’s international expansion. Since the beginning, he has occupied the position of secretary of the SECNewgate Global Management Committee. He is also a member of the ACH Governing Committee in Spain and SECNewgate and Partners in Rome.

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